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Neuron ESB 2.5.14 Release Launched!

· Neuron ESB October Feature Release 2.5.14
· National Archives of the UK launches with Neuron ESB!
· Neuron ESB Architectural Assessments

I'm very happy to announce the October Feature Release, 2.5.14, for Neuron ESB 2.5. If you are using an earlier released build, you can download this latest release from here Neuron ESB 2.5.14 .

The product team is very excited about this release as it contains many new features which our customers will immediately benefit from. Some of the features included are:

- ODBC Adapter - This adapter supports Publish, Subscribe, Query and Execute mode. It allows the use of both stored procedures and SQL statements. Also supports FOR XML clause when the Sql Client ODBC driver is selected. Supports schema generation as well as before and after statements when in Publish mode. Supports using dynamic connection strings to connect to the database. This can be set within a pipeline code step i.e. context.Data.SetProperty(“odbc”,”ConnectionString”,<somevalue>)

- SMTP Adapter - This adapter supports dynamic setting of SMTP properties, XSL transform for message bodies, attachments, InfoPath and delivery notifications.

Service Policies
Support has been added under the Availability tab of Service Policies for customization of the SOAP Fault returned to the calling client when Limited Availability of an Endpoint is enabled. This message can be customized to include either the service name, the service endpoint url or both i.e. “The Neuron end point, '{0}', configured with the following url, ‘{1}’, is not available.”

New capabilities regarding how Neuron handles metadata has been added. For example, custom message properties can now be preserved on Request/Response calls. Also, an end to end TransactionId property has been introduced along with a ParentId property to facilitate more advanced and customized tracking and service monitoring scenarios.

- Msmq Pipeline Step
- enhanced with PEEK capability

- Pipeline Execution Pipeline Step - this allowed users to call a pipeline within a pipeline, essentially creating composable processes. This step is capable of executing pipelines at runtime that exist in external/secondary ESB solution files, allowing for library of patterns to be centrally maintained, developed and reused.

- Audit Pipeline Step - now accepts an XPath value to determine what part of the message to store in the Neuron database.

Dynamic Connection Strings
Both the SQL and ODBC adapters have been enhanced with the ability for their connection strings to be set at runtime.

Performance Counters:
New WMI performance counters to capture error and throughput statistics from Neuron Endpoints, Neuron Topics and Neuron Parties. These can be used within 3rd party monitoring tools.

Resubmit Failed Messages:
The ability to edit and resubmit messages within the Message Viewer has been completely refactored. Users can now edit a single message and resubmit that message directly to a Party (running associated pipeline processes) or to an Adapter or Service Endpoint (circumventing those same associated pipeline processes).

Bulk edit and Resubmit of messages has also been added. Users may select multiple messages in either the Message History or Failed Message reports and choose to edit and then resubmit all of them at once directly to a Party or to an Adapter or Service Endpoint.

Besides new features, this release includes all the accumulated fixes since our previous 2.5.13 release in July 2011. Important fixes are included which positively affect the following:

- Msmq Topics
- Pipeline testing, configuration and runtime performance
- Service Policies
- Event Logging

The complete list of changes can be found in the Neuron Change Log located at the root of the Neuron ESB installation directory as well as on our support site.

To determine the current version you are working with ,see What version of Neuron are you running?

As an addendum to our shipped documentation, I'll be regularly posting information on how to use the new features, so continue to monitor our blog and forums.

Upgrade Instructions
Upgrading to this release is identical to the previous release and is fairly straight forward, requiring updating existing ESB Configuration files. You can read more about the update considerations on our forum.

Neuron ESB Architectural Assessments
Remember, Architectural Reviews, pre and post production roll out assessments as well as advanced training are available through the Neuron ESB Product Team. Our goal is to ensure success.

Stay tuned this channel! Once I finish the “What’s New” and “How to use it” documentation, I’ll post the download link and the docs.

Kind regards,

Marty Wasznicky
Neuron ESB

Neudesic, L.L.C.
Work: (949) 754-5223

Fax: (949) 754-6523

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Folks still using WSPBuilder even with SharePoint 2010

I learned today that many Visual Studio 2010/SharePoint 2010 solution developers are still using Carsten Keutmann's WSPBuilder tool, despite all the new WSP package, deploy, and debug facilities built into Visual Studio 2010.

I had used WSPBuilder extensively in all my MOSS (SharePoint) 2007 projects but not with any of my 2010 projects. Now come to find out, people like David Stampfli at Microsoft still use WSPBuilder despite all the built-in stuff in 2010!

One word to the wise: there is a separate version of WSP Builder for SharePoint 2010/Visual Studio 2010. It's called WSP Builder Extensions 2010 Beta 1.4 and you get it from here: At first, I made the mistake of downloading the "Recommended Download" (WSP Builder Extension 1.06...) and after installing, I could not find any WSP Builder project templates available in my Visual Studio 2010. Browsing Carsten Keutmann's blog, I noticed that it mentions "Please look on codeplex under Download. It's the last file of the 4 available." After I got the WSP Builder Extensions 2010 Beta 1.4 the templates became available as expected.

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