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Folks still using WSPBuilder even with SharePoint 2010

I learned today that many Visual Studio 2010/SharePoint 2010 solution developers are still using Carsten Keutmann's WSPBuilder tool, despite all the new WSP package, deploy, and debug facilities built into Visual Studio 2010.

I had used WSPBuilder extensively in all my MOSS (SharePoint) 2007 projects but not with any of my 2010 projects. Now come to find out, people like David Stampfli at Microsoft still use WSPBuilder despite all the built-in stuff in 2010!

One word to the wise: there is a separate version of WSP Builder for SharePoint 2010/Visual Studio 2010. It's called WSP Builder Extensions 2010 Beta 1.4 and you get it from here: At first, I made the mistake of downloading the "Recommended Download" (WSP Builder Extension 1.06...) and after installing, I could not find any WSP Builder project templates available in my Visual Studio 2010. Browsing Carsten Keutmann's blog, I noticed that it mentions "Please look on codeplex under Download. It's the last file of the 4 available." After I got the WSP Builder Extensions 2010 Beta 1.4 the templates became available as expected.

Posted: Nov 02 2011, 19:28 by Martin.Cox | Comments (0) RSS comment feed

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